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About Marbella Luxury Car Rental - The Marbella Luxury Car Hire Advantage

At Marbella Luxury Car Hire we take special pride in our cars. Being car enthusiasts ourselves we know what you're looking for in a luxury car rental service. Apart from carrying the largest luxury car rental fleet in Spain - with over 60 amazing cars and counting, Marbella Luxury Car Hire also allows you to book the specific luxury car of your dreams. While other car rental agencies have you choose an entire category of cars you would like to rent, we don't leave anything up to chance - especially not your luxury Spain vacation. With other rental agencies all you can do is hope that your dream car is available when the rental day arrives. With our Marbella car rental agency you know that you'll be renting the luxury car of your dreams, and you will also get the very best service to go along with it.

We don't stop there - we offer unique luxury services that will enhance your experience and make your visit memorable. Marbella is OUR town, and we lever our extensive connections to provide you with the infamous Marbella luxury VIP treatment during your stay in Marbella.

Marbella Luxury Car Hire VIP Card

Marbella Luxury Marbella VIP When you hire a car from us, you will receive a Marbella Luxury Car Hire VIP card. In addition to a 24/7 phone number to call for free concierge services and assistance, your card’s benefits include VIP treatment at a variety of quality Restaurants, Clubs, Bars and Shops that may be of interest during your stay.

About Marbella Luxury Car Hire

Located in Marbella, the Marbella Luxury Car Hire team has years of experience in providing premium car hire services. Now, you can rent any luxury car anywhere in Spain using our Spain luxury car hire service.

As car enthusiasts who have also rented luxury cars from the internet, we have created a website to best reflect what you want to see before hiring a special car. We have meticulously illustrated our cars so you can almost feel them while you choose the car of your dreams.

Evox Imaging, the world leader and pioneer of car studio photography provided the majority of our amazing car studio images and 360 spin shots. Other credits for superb images and scenic shots go to KimballStock and Getty for supplementary images.

We hope that you enjoy our website and we look forward to seeing you in Marbella!

Let Your Passion Drive You

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Marbella Luxury Car Hire offers you the opportunity to fulfill your passion for beauty and your need for speed, and to do so at one of the world’s most exclusive destinations. We specialize in supercars, luxury cars, cabriolets, fun vehicles, 4x4’s, yachts and speedboats. Our exclusive car rental service is based in Marbella, and services the greater Costa del Sol area. Our fleet includes the most coveted luxury, prestige, exotic cars and supercars in the world: Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Range Rover, Hummer, Volvo and more. There’s no better place to drive a masterpiece than the heavenly Costa Del Sol region. Contact us for our special monthly rental deals.

Marbella Luxury Car Hire – Rent Exotic Cars, Cabriolets, Sports Cars, 4x4 and Yachts in the Costa Del Sol Region and anywhere in Spain. Visit this new for Europe coverage of luxury car rental - and especially Spain luxury car rental