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Ferrari & Lamborghini go Headlights to Headlights in Geneva Car Show

Lamborghini LP 700-4 AventadorIt's been two weeks since the Marbella Luxury Car Hire team has been back from the Geneva Motor Show, but a strong scent of the eternal Italian supercar battle has followed us all the way back to Marbella, and we feel the need to share it with the world.

Sean Connery Lawsuit in Marbella - our Luxury Car Recommendation

It is no secret that Sean Connery has a lawsuit that is going on right now in Marbella. Without getting to much into details the issue is all about Connery's selling his villa on Marbella's beach and building a massive construction of 72 luxury apartments. The plot involves money laundering charges and so on.

Marbella Airport & Flights to Marbella – All The Answers.

Marbella Airport  - all the ways to get to MarbellNot a few of our clients, after booking a luxury car, ask us something like - “Can you meet us at Marbella Airport?” or “Have you any information about flights to Marbella?” and so on.

The Perfect Car for Michelle Obama

Michella and Sasha ObamaAfter the great excitement of Chelsea Clinton's wedding earlier this week, here at Marbella, we are preparing for the arrival of Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha. They will be spending some days here, at Villa Padierna, one of our finest hotels.

Range Rover Trips From Barcelona

Barcelona Range Rover RentalRenting a Range Rover in Barcelona can serve several goals – a Range Rover for a classy business meeting or for taking your family from point A to point B in Barcelona in the best car in town... These are legitimate options, of course, but people do ask – what and where can we go with these Range Rovers...

Rent a Two-Wheel Drive Range Rover in Marbella?

A Range Rover is where luxury and celebrity meet a four-wheel drive. Since the introduction of the first Range Rover Classic model in the 1970s, these luxury 4x4s have been a ‘must have’ car for celebrities, A-list actors, sports stars and other VIPs worldwide. Being a playground for the rich and famous, Marbella naturally has its fair share of Range Rovers driving about, among other luxury 4x4 cars.

Nikki Beach & Marbella Luxury Car Hire Gear Up For Another Sizzling Season

“The Sexiest Place On Earth” just got even sexier - Nikki Beach Marbella has partnered with high-end car rental service Marbella Luxury Car Hire to make the 2010 party season go from zero to sexy at the speed of light.


Nikki Beach Marbella

Marbella Old Town

There are so many ways to have fun in Marbella that you’ll probably want to come back every year, and whenever you’re not in Marbella you may be wishing you were there. No matter where you travel in Marbella, you have to realize that it all starts with Old Town.

Driving Marbella

One of the interesting things about Marbella is how fun it is to drive it. At a lot of vacation spots, the last thing you want to do is any driving. Being tourist spots, the streets are either so clogged with cars that you can’t move, or so removed from urban society that the roads aren’t even paved enough to safely drive on. Marbella combines modern urban culture with older, simpler society so you get the best of both worlds when it comes to driving.