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OUR PROMISE - At Marbella Luxury Car Hire, we feel it is our duty to make your vacation as easy as possible. It is our privilege to offer our clients the biggest and most diverse luxury car rental fleet in Spain and to ensure you receive a unique rental and driving experience. We accomplish that by fitting the exact luxury rental vehicle to your specific needs, without forgetting to maximize your fun in Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Malaga or anywhere you choose to rent a luxury car in Spain.

BOOK THE EXACT LUXURY RENTAL CAR - Hiring a luxury car with us is different from other luxury rental car companies because you can rent the EXACT car that you want. Though we display our prestigious car hire fleet in several categories such as cabriolet rental, supercar hire, 4x4 rentals, fun cars and sprots cars for hire - we do not take bookings for groups of luxury cars, but rather hold the specific rental car of your dreams for you.

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VIP CONCIERGE SERVICE - Another benefit of choosing Marbella Luxury Car Hire is that you get access to our 24/7 Marbella VIP Concierge Service for whatever you need to make your stay more enjoyable.

EXCLUSIVE VIP CARD - As a client of Marbella Luxury Car Hire, you receive our exclusive VIP Card that unlocks the hottest VIP Lounges and nightclubs for you to truly experience the Marbella lifestyle. We know the best places to go and where you will be recognized as a VIP.

CHOOSE US WITH CONFIDENCE - When you're looking for a rental car for your trip to Marbella, or for a very important client, rest assured that you've come to the right place. If you don't see the car that you want, just ask - we have many other rental cars including many different Ferarris, Lamborghinis, and special editions that are so new that we've not yet added them to our website - so worth checking with us..  

Below you'll find a number of car types by category: 4x4, Cabriolet, Fun, Luxury, Sport and Supercars if you're not sure what specific rental car you're looking for. You'll also see specific luxury car makes and models if you know exactly what you want. Feel free to browse around and check out each car individually for pricing and specifications. We've gone to great lengths to illustrate our Marbella hire cars so you get to see the rental car in close detail- just click on the cars and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Marbella Luxury rental cars are very popular in Marbella, especially in the Summer months, and while Marbella Luxury Car Hire has access to the largest luxury car rental fleet in Spain, we strongly advise you to RESERVE YOUR RENTAL CAR EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!