Aston Martin DB9 Volante

Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Db9 Volante is a sports car for those who love to look good. The Aston Martin line is known for its impressive exterior build, and this model is no exception. Truly a car for the uber-rich, it screams status as well as class. This luxurious car’s sporty frame keeps it nimble around turns and responsive in those clutch moments. On the inside of this sporty car there plenty of space and luxury. Even on longer trips, the Aston Martin Db9 Volante is comfy and spacious. Add in great drive power and sophisticated controls, and you’re driving one of the most exclusive, high-performance machines on the road.

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Engine5.9 L V12
0-60 (in seconds)4.5
Top speed300
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The Exterior of the Aston Martin Db9 Volante

The frame of this car is molded out of an ultra-light, super-strong aluminum. That means that the weight of the vehicle’s body is in good proportion to its power. The front end of the Aston Martin Db9 Volante has a large, impressive grill and sleek headlights, where the car’s sexy arc begins over the hood. Moving back towards the rear, the Aston Martin Db9 Volante's curves give it a decidedly more muscular appearance. Extra air intakes located on either side of the body give it that premium sports car look.

Engine and Driving Power on the Aston Martin Db9 Volante

When you first step on the gas of the Aston Martin Db9 Volante, you’ll know why so many love to drive this luxury automobile. The powerful V12, 6-liter engine packs a punch unlike many other would-be luxury sports cars. With more than 400 horsepower, you’ll have all the acceleration power you’ll need. The Aston Martin Db9 Volante jumps from zero to 60 miles per hour in just over 4.5 seconds.

The Interior of the Aston Martin Db9 Volante

The interior is relatively large and spacious for both the driver and passenger. Of course, the Aston Martin Db9 Volante is plush from the seat to the dashboard. Expect interior features of real wood, leather and metal. The central control screen in the console is an LCD and navigation programs can be installed. There is even a handy cell phone-charging compartment, which can also allow you to control your phone with the touch of a button instead of holding it while you drive for safety. Speaking of safety, the Aston Martin Db9 Volante is outfitted with standard antilock brakes and a special system of air bags. Overall, this car has lots of bells and whistles, all packed into an agile sports frame. Plus, it looks really, really good. And you’ll look good driving it.