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The Audi Q7 is a combination vehicle that fits somewhere between a sports utility vehicle and a luxury car.  It has a muscled look and graceful curves that pronounce the sporty nature of this large luxury-mobile.  The Audi Q7 combines the advanced driving technologies of the modern age with the traditional get-up-and-go of driving power of an old school sports utility vehicle.  Whether you’re driving the family from place-to-place on city streets or you’re setting out on an extended road trip across the country, the Audi Q7 offers roominess and power.

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Engine3.0 L V6
0-60 (in seconds)8.4
Top speed250
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The Build of the Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is a versatile machine set in a mid-sized frame, larger than a car, but smaller than an SUV.  Despite its large carrying capacity and roomy interior, the Audi Q7 is surprisingly nimble for its size.  With up to a 4.2-liter V8 engine, the Audi Q7 has a relatively generous amount of power, 350 horses worth of power to be exact.  But power is nothing without control, so the Audi Q7 has been engineered with a special adaptive air suspension system, all-wheel drive capabilities and the company’s “Tiptronic” shifting options.  Naturally, this high-end machine also includes several automated monitoring features, such as for tire pressure and lighting during rainstorms.  

The Interior of the Audi Q7

Since the Audi Q7 is a luxury vehicle, you can of course expect to find leather seats, wood panels and polished metals in the interior.  Those luxuries come together nicely, in large part thanks to the technology that has been infused into the interior design.  For starters, all seats in the Audi Q7 are heated and there are up to four separate zones for climate control.  When you’re driving the Q7, your seat and your steering wheel, among other things, are electrically controlled.  But don’t let the upscale part of the car fool you.  It still is a utility vehicle of sorts, as it can accommodate up to seven passengers and a lot of groceries, luggage or other items you need to haul.

The Exterior of the Audi Q7

The exterior of the Audi Q7 is just as sporty and sophisticated as the interior.  The wheels are impressive, measuring up to about 21 inches in diameter and the tires are high-performance.  Moving on, since the Q7 is a utility vehicle, you’ll find some running boards on many, just for that extra leg up as you get into the cab.  Even the headlights have little washers mounted to them for quick automatic cleaning.  And finally the roof has been appointed with a larger-than-average “panoramic” sunroof, available on most models.