Ferrari California


The first and only Grand Tourer made by Ferrari, hire the California for a unique Ferrari rental experience. The Ferrari California is bigger than the classic Ferrari sports cars, properly fitting four people. It is a two-door 2+2 with an all new 4.3 L V8 front engine, reaching a top speed of 310km/h and reaching 100km/h in 3.9 seconds. As if to compensate for its size, the Ferrari California rental is the most aerodynamic Ferrari supercar ever made, and on top of that it boasts the first folding metal roof by Ferrari, making the California a drop-top cabriolet. The folding hardtop roof opens and closes in less than 14 seconds and looks amazing in both positions.

Engine4.3 L V8
0-60 (in seconds)3.9
Top speed310
Prices From
Daily rate - from €1300
4 days+ POA
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Weekly Rental DealPOA

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Rent a Ferrari California anywhere in Spain as it is perfect for long drives. Its size makes it a comfortable choice for a small family or two couples. Its cabrio roof makes it perfect for enjoying the summer in Spain, and its looks make it perfect for driving in Costa del Sol or Marbella. Its performance and luxury put it in a league of its own. With its engine positioned in the front of the car, a sleek air-intake on its hood, and the weight of the car pulling towards the rear, the Ferrari California has a unique design that breaks from the traditional Ferrari's. Hire a Ferrari California to experience all these unique features in one luxury super car.