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Land Rover

The Range Rover is the perfect car for the Marbella lifestyle and terrain all year round. Whether you're out and about in town, taking the back roads of Marbella, climbing the mountains, or at the beach - the Range Rover can handle it all. Range Rover's royal heritage and celebrity ownership has etched the name in style "must have" accessory books worldwide. For those that can afford a stable of cars, the Range Rover may not be the first on the list, but after the supercars, it's probably the next one - and simply has to be. Ideal for groups and families - even the dog - and on a road trip the Range Rover's high ride height affords everyone a gallery view. Another default advantage of the Range Rover is that in the busy Summer months, it's sheer size in a huge plus in assisting you to politely muscle your way through heavy traffic. In short, the Range Rover can be the only car that you need in Marbella, but if you're renting a few, just make sure you book it first.

Engine5L V8
0-60 (in seconds)8.3
Top speed121
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