Mini Cooper S


The Mini Cooper S is a call back to a simpler time, back in the ‘60s, when it first made the scene. Today, this amalgam of German, British and South American parts is an eye-catching vehicle that is extremely fun to drive. The S model features a supercharged, intercooled six speed 163 horsepower engine, and is jaw-droppingly easy to park and weave through traffic with.

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Engine1.6 L I4
0-60 (in seconds)6.7
Top speed223
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The Body and Exterior of the Mini Cooper

The first thing you might notice about the Mini Cooper is its shape.  Start with its wheel-base, one that is wider than many other cars relative to their size.  This helps give it a low and stable center of gravity and allows for great handling.  The wheels on the Mini Cooper are also adaptable for high-performance driving, as the torque output to each can be adjusted using a sophisticated all-season traction control mechanism.  The body itself is somewhat boxy, but with nice curved lines to round out the edges.  Racing stripes and other sporty accessories often adorn the exterior as well, a testament to the car’s racing ethos.  And finally, almost every Mini Cooper ever built has been customized in some unique way, be it paint jobs, decals, stripes, lighting styles, etc.  Each car has its own identity.

The Interior of the Mini Cooper

Just as the outside of the Mini Cooper is highly customized for each individual car, the interiors are as well.  There is a variety of seat styles available from rugged cloth to sumptuous leather.  When it comes to the controls, they are smartly laid out and illuminated by sharp LEDs in many places.  A sun roof is also standard in many models so you can really feel that sporty sensation driving around town.  Don’t forget that the Mini Cooper is also a modern automobile, so you can expect to find built-in iPod jacks in some newer models.  There is a Harman/Kadron sound system in each Mini Cooper and six speakers and satellite radio available.  Overall, the interior is designed to cradle you in fun and safety.

Safety Features of the Mini Cooper

The newer Mini Coopers are equipped with some impressive safety devices, such as a six-airbag restraint system with curtain protection.  The body of the car has also been reinforced, to what the manufacturers call “ultra-rigid,” which can help protect passengers in the event of a crash.