Porsche Boxster


The Porsche Boxster is a luxury roadster that offers the power and handling that Porsche is known for, while at the same time offering an affordable price tag. With its classic Porsche style, it not only looks good, but with its M96 water-cooled engine you will feel the horsepower. The most current model of the Porsche Boxster tops out around 165 miles an hour utilizing 300 horsepower, which will certainly command your undivided attention while navigating the open roads. The interior is top notch; the seats are comfortable and supportive while offering many customizable features. If you are looking for unmatched thrills and satisfaction, you can rest easy, knowing you have one of the elite roadsters available.

Engine2.7 L flat-6
0-60 (in seconds)6.4
Top speed253
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The Design of the Porsche Boxster

This is the first car ever produced by Porsche that was originally designed as a roadster instead of a hardtop coupe. The Porsche Boxster combines an M96 engine and a mid-engine layout, which enables the car to have a low center of gravity while providing superior handling. The mid-engine layout also allows room for two cargo holds, unheard of in a roadster. The front end has air intakes that give it a distinct design as well as more cooling power. The headlight design also makes this model stand out with its halogen lights that provide excellent lighting when cornering. The front intake grills along with the LED taillights add to this roadster's stylish design.

Driving the Porsche Boxster

With its a finely balanced mid-engine layout, the Porsche Boxster has incredible handling and steering with a 2.5 liter M96 engine that has plenty of power no matter where you are heading. You will have all the force you can handle in this roadster, maxing out around 300 horsepower, with the Boxster flying from 0-60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds. The interior provides superior comfort with its low slung seats so that you are virtually completely stable in the car when taking tight corners. Inside you will also find an instrument panel with DVD navigation that is beautifully arranged to provide as much convenience as possible. With full airbags for the driver and passenger, along with Porsche’s trademark side-impact protection you will feel quite safe no matter what environment you find yourself in. Overall if you are looking for a mid-engine sports car with great power and top of the line safety that won’t break the bank, the Porsche Boxster is the ride for you.