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Malaga: One of the World's Best Kept Secrets

Malaga at dusk

The beautiful city of Malaga is located in the province bearing the same name, part of the autonomous Spanish community of Andalusia, bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the southern side of the Iberian Peninsula. The province of Malaga has become world famous over the past several decades due to the natural beauty of the region, and has subsequently become a coveted retreat of the rich and famous throughout the world.

Malaga, Spain – The City and Its Lure

The city of Malaga is often referred to as the “City of Paradise,” located along Spain's Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun). Like its neighboring towns and villages, Malaga lures world travelers to its 300-plus days of annual sunshine, mild winters, warm summers and the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. The city of Malaga boasts the sixth largest metropolitan population in the nation of Spain, and ranks in the top 50 most populous cities of the European Union. The historic center of this true cultural melting pot is considered to be an open museum, full of architecture and art that displays a crossover in culture and philosophy. It only seems appropriate that one of the true masters of the fine arts was born in Malaga, Spain: Pablo Picasso.

The Province of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

The province of Malaga provides visitors many opportunities to explore all the landscapes that Spain has to offer. While the coastal region gives way to the Mediterranean Sea, the interior is painted with rolling hills, as well as rugged mountains. The tallest peaks in Spain can be found in this region of Andalusia, making Malaga a true paradise for the individual who loves to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Once known for its fishing, the villages and towns making up the coastal province of Malaga have given way to the tourist industry and sun-seekers from the world over.

Malaga Tourism and Its Draw of the Rich and Famous

Malaga offers visitors the opportunity to take part in everything from golf to beach and water activities to rubbing shoulders with royalty and celebrities in some of the finest shops, dining establishments, lounges and clubs in all of Spain. For many celebrities hoping for privacy, Malaga and the towns within its border, such as the exquisite city of Marbella, provide a most welcome respite from the annual grind. Luxury and exotic sports cars are the standard in this region, and when it comes to accommodations, Malaga easily competes with any world region.

The Rich History of Malaga

For the individual hoping to look back into time, and perhaps revel in European and world history, Malaga offers everything from the influence of Muslim Arabic-ruled Spain to Phoenician ruins dating back to nearly 800 BCE. It was in 770 BCE that the Phoenicians of Tyre began laying the groundwork for a civilized culture and founded their city center of Malaka. The region continued to grow in population as well as importance for well over 1,000 years, becoming a vital center for trade and livelihood during the 8th century, under Muslim Arabic rule. It wasn't until the late 15th century that Spanish Christian forces would conquer the city of Malaga and offer a counter-cultural revolution, however, the influences are still prominent today, making this beautiful region a true cultural crossroad.

Traveling to Malaga

Malaga is easily accessible for the international traveler. The city of Malaga possesses one of the oldest and fully functional airports in all of Spain. It's proximity to Africa makes it a frequent “go between,” for world travelers hopping from continent to continent and hoping to enjoy the finest of each while on stops. While cities such as Marbella truly cater to the rich, there are still wonderful opportunities to vacation in Malaga, both the city and the province, while working with a vacation or travel budget. Travel within Malaga is most easily enjoyed through a quality car hire service, or relying on mass transit, such as trains and local buses. If you desire to day trip down the coast to neighboring Gibraltar, however, an automobile is highly recommended.

Malaga truly offers something to everyone who longs to explore Europe. The climate makes it a year round destination that provides ample exploration or relaxation to the desirous traveler. While the reputation of the region suggests it is merely a playground for the rich, beneath the rich and famous facade lies one of the most beautiful places in the world.